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Pink Amethyst Tower 005
Pink Amethyst Tower 005

Pink Amethyst Tower 005

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Love - Devotion - Comfort

Pink Amethyst is a crystal of love and devotion that inspires the love of beauty in all things! It carries a soft, soothing, feminine energy of peace and compassion, healing and comfort. Pink Amethyst helps to understand and foster loving relationships whilst bringing a gentle energy and is known to install feelings of understanding, calmness, trust and grace. 

- Promotes self love and positive self esteem
- Increases clarity and intuition
- Lifts troubled thoughts, reducing anxiety and fear
- Helps to foster loving relationships
- Feelings of security, balance and restoration

Chakras – Heart, Crown, Third-Eye
Zodiac – Scorpio 

Size Guide: Approx. 10cm x 5cm

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