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Clear Quartz Geode Pair 004

Clear Quartz Geode Pair 004

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This beautiful Clear Quartz Geode is in two halves that fit perfectly together; opening to reveal beautiful natural quartz caves. Keep one half for yourself and gift the other half to a parent, child, partner or friend to always stay connected through the shared crystal. 

Clear Quartz is known as the “Master Healer” as it absorbs, releases and regulates energy. Known to draw off negative energy of all kinds and amplify energy and thought as well as the effects of other crystals. 

-       Increases awareness and intuition

-       Stimulates clear and positive thoughts

-       A deep soul cleanser

-       Encourages to live, laugh and love

-       Brings insight and relaxation

Chakras – Crown Chakra
Zodiac – All birth signs
Birthstone - April

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