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Small Home Protection Kit

Small Home Protection Kit

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Together, Selenite and Black Tourmaline, make the perfect pair for your home or business.

Mini Selenite Tower:

Healing - Power - Protection

These Selenite Towers can be used as a powerful cleansing tool that doubles as a decorative piece in your space. They are perfect to create a peaceful aura in your home whilst also providing a protective energy.

Selenite is a calming stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation and spiritual work. Use Selenite for good luck and protection, to bring peace and tranquility, clear the aura of negative energies and stimulate spiritual growth.

Mini Black Tourmaline Chunk:

Stress Relief – Grounding – Purification

-      Purifies and neautralises ones own negative thoughts

-      Promotes a sense of power and self confidence

-      Soothes panic, especially when caused by confined spaces or frightening atmospheres

-      Cleanses the body of anxieties, anger and feelings of unworthiness

-      Aids in having clear, rational thoughts

Chakras – Root
Zodiac – Libra

Please note: This listing is for one mini black tourmaline chunk and one mini selenite tower. You will receive a kit intuitively picked out for you.