Large Floral Sage Wand

Large Floral Sage Wand

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Almost too pretty to burn! Each floral sage wand is handmade in Australia using dry sage, dry lavender and dry bush flowers making them a beautiful and highly aromatic way to cleanse your space, dispel negativity and improve overall mood.

If you feel bad vibes lingering about, feel stuck or just simply need to refresh your space, its time to freshen up your home with a space clearing and uplifting ritual. Smudging can clear negative energies from your living space and will have a positive effect on your mood, energy and overall outlook. You can repeat your space clearing ritual as often as you feel needed. Moving house, after illness or arguments, after unwanted visitors or simply when your energy is feeling stuck are all perfect times to clear the space. 

How to cleanse with Sage:
Set your intentions
– Before you light your sage you should take a moment to focus on your intentions or blessing for your space. Clear your mind and think about what you would like to release from your space, and what you would like to bring in. 
Open the space – Ensure that there is a clear path for any bad energy to escape once you have begun smudging. Open your doors and windows before you begin. 
Light your smudge stick – Allow the stick to catch alight, and then blow softly until the flame goes out and there is a soft, grey smoke. Wave your sage gently and intentionally through the air with your hand. 
Smudge your space – Starting at the back of the home, waft the smoke into the corners of the room and up to the ceiling. As you go, visualise negative or unwanted energy that no longer serves you, drifting out of your space. Don’t forget to focus on your intentions as you smudge from room to room towards the entrance of your home. Continue smudging until you sense the energy shift to light and clear, paying particular attention to areas that feel dark or heavy. 
Smudge objects – As you move through your home, pause to any treasured objects to increase their vibration and ensure their energy is positive. Pass these items through or above the smoke to clear the bad vibes. 

* To care for your smudge stick place in an open basket and allow plenty of fresh air, avoid direct sunlight and rooms with high humidity such as laundry, air con etc. If well cared for the smudge stick will last for several months.

Please note: You will receive one pictured smudge wand. 

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