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Pink Opal - Tumbled Stone

Pink Opal - Tumbled Stone

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Pink Opal is a very powerful heart stone with a calming, soothing energy. It activates and unlocks the heart chakra. Keep one of these babes with you if you are struggling with sadness, especially a broken heart. Pink Opal strengthens ones connection to their inner self and teaches us that we don't always have to lean on others, as we can rely on ourselves! Also a great stone for children with anxiety, shyness or fear as it calms the mind and opens up the heart!

- Cheerful, uplifting, calms the mind
- Brings peace to those with fear, worry or anxiety
- Helps one free from feelings of guilt and shame
- Stimulates thoughts of love and peace
- Helps one ease through the process of change

Chakra – Heart
Zodiac - Gemini, Aquarius
Birthstone - October

Please note: These crystals come in various shapes and sizes - you will receive one piece intuitively picked out for you!

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