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Small Selenite Bowl

Small Selenite Bowl

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This Selenite Bowl is perfect to charge your crystals, gemstones and Jewellery. Selenite carries a high vibration and is able to transmit energy, light and information, making it excellent for enhancing the properties of other stones and for charging and clearing them. Simply place your crystals in the bowl!

Selenite is a calming stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation and spiritual work. Use Selenite for good luck and protection, to bring peace and tranquility, clear the aura of negative energies and stimulate spiritual growth.

-      Used for good luck and protection

-      Clears confusion and negative energy

-      Provides clarity and expands awareness of self and surroundings

-      Cleanse and recharge other crystals

Chakras – Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac – Taurus

Size Guide: 8-9cm, 4cm H. These come in various shapes and sizes, you will receive one intuitively picked out for you.