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Crystal Care

So you got your new crystals, but now what? How do you care for them, to ensure they are free from all those negative energies (ugh!) and vibing at their highest frequency, you ask? Whether you are just starting out in the crystal world or have an established collection, its important you look after those babies! Read on to find out how!
Crystals are said to hold the energetic charge of anyone or anything they have ever come into contact with. For this reason, they need to be cleansed. Cleansing and charging your crystals’ energy is especially important when you first bring them home. Even spending a bit of time giving them love and attention will keep the connection between your personal energy and your crystals strong. This creates a powerful bond and opens up the space for magic to manifest.


Nature’s most potent cleanser and purifier. For this ritual, rinse your crystal under a running tap or submerge in a bowl of water. Freshwater such as a lake or river is fantastic to use. You can fill a bottle to take home or take your crystals out with you! Please note, there are many crystals that can dissolve and rust from water exposure so if in doubt, skip the water and use a different method!
Place your crystals in a sunny spot and leave for at least four hours. This can be on a windowsill, or outside, regardless if the day is cloudy. Keep in mind some crystals will fade from sunlight exposure. You can choose other methods for regenerating and cleaning these, or be at peace with the fact that over time your crystal will transform into a paler version of itself.
Light your favourite source of herbal smoke and hold your crystal above the stream of smoke, allowing the smoke to dance over and around your crystal for several moments. For extra magic, move the smoking wand around your crystal in a circular motion seven times. The most popular options are Sage Bundles and Palo Santo Sticks. (These are available to purchase here.)


Charging your crystals should be as simple or as complicated as you feel guided to make it. You can have fun experimenting with different rituals to discover which method feels best for you and your crystals!
Monthly moon baths
Under a full or new moon especially, are powerfully recharging for all crystals and often all that a crystal needs to remain charged and activated. Leave them overnight in a place where moonlight will touch them for potent charging. Windowsills and tables near a window are the best options. Ensure your crystals are not sitting around in a layer of dust, as this can reduce the electrostatic charge, which is vital to their crystalline technology. You can easily remove dust with a quick rinse under water.
Crystals love being around music (especially live music), the vibrational waves harmonise the energy of everything it touches. Ring bells and singing bowls near your crystals, strum a guitar or sing a song whenever possible!
Place your crystal on or under the soil of a houseplant, or bury it under the soil in your garden. You can leave it overnight, or as long as feels right. This is especially good for crystals with grounding properties such as Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz etc.) Earthing shouldn’t be done with metallic minerals as the water in the soil can rust them - or with delicate clusters.


Crystal programming involves establishing a specific intention for a crystal to hold, such as an energy you wish to manifest. You only need to programme a crystal if your intuition is guiding you to do so. Otherwise, you can trust that the crystals magic is already working for your own needs and healing!

Hold your crystal in both hands and imagine its surrounded by a shimmering ball of golden light. Out loud, say the intention that you wish the crystal to hold for you. “I programme this crystal for (insert your intention) for the highest good of all, in love and in light”.